Raising awareness around PET mental health

We’re all prone to a few down days. But did you know that our precious pets can develop mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression just like humans? While these behaviours can often be seen as naughty behaviour, if your pet is excessive vocalising, digging, chewing, aggression, anxiousness, lethargy or reactiveness, they may be reaching out for help. Luckily, there’s plenty we can do to keep our pets happy and healthy!

The most common reason behind destructive behaviour in our furry friends is simple boredom. Dogs are bred to complete purposeful work while cats have natural hunting instincts. That’s why it’s our job to ensure that we enrich their environment and engage these natural instincts in day-to-day life. Toys, games, socialising with other pets and people, treats, training, grooming and outings are just a few ways to keep your pet barking up the right tree! If you’re stuck, you can Google canine/ feline enrichment and discover the many ways you can help keep your pet’s brain stimulated. 

If you think your pet is behaving abnormally, our friendly vets are available for behavioural concept to help your pet get back to their best. Call our clinic and schedule your appointment today!