The Importance of Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Screening

Have you ever wondered how we keep our anaesthetics as safe as possible? Pre-anaesthetic blood screening is a fantastic diagnostic tool to help us make sure any risk associated with your beloved furbaby procedure can be minimised as much as possible. It helps us pick up any underlying disease that could affect their procedure, and more often than not the pet has shown no signs of illness!

Just last week, beautiful Kenzie the Siberian Husky came to visit us to have her teeth cleaned. We performed a pre-anaesthetic blood screen as we always do, and despite Kenzie appearing perfectly healthy on the outside, we picked up some strange values associated with her liver. Luckily, we were able to address them and start investigating straight away. If we’d never run the test, Kenzie might have gotten much sicker before she let her mum know she wasn’t well, as animals can be very resilient when they’re sick or in pain (this is a left over survival mechanism from when they were wild) and can hide symptoms very effectively for a long time. Not only that, but it may not have been safe to anaesthetise her.

We’re happy to report that while we’re still seeking answers for Kenzie’s illness, she is being an absolute trooper and model patient. Kenzie’s mum is just thankful we ran her pre-anaesthetic blood test!